Friday, December 4, 2009

One of the most important(?) 135 minutes of my life......

"what will happen if i am not able to get the best out of those 135 mins?"Where will i hide if those 135 mins dont yield the output i wish?"
These r the questions clouding my mind for the last few days.
Here i am again in this rat race in search of my destination.When i got into my college which is among the top 5 engineering clg in W.B. i thought may this be the end of my struggle.But soon the bubble bursted.The engineering subjects didnt inspire me and i felt as a fish out of water.
Finally after much mental battle i decided to sit for Cat 2009 :the problem to all my solutions and the solution to all my problems.for the last few months this meant everything to me.My scores in the mocks have been like a roller coaster ride.Sometimes they are poor again in the very next test they reach great heights.So i am greatly tensed and and the news about the goof ups that is happening due to the online test make me more jittery.I am getting a feeling that may be all my dreams will be crushed as usual but still i will try to chase them..
My favourite words..
"The world isnt all sunshine and rainbow.Its a mean and nasty place...............If you know what you are worth go out and get what you r worth.You must be ready to take the hit and not pointing fingers saying you arent where you r becas of him or her or anybody.Cowards do that and that aint you.You are better than that."-ROCKY BALBOA

I finally have the answers to all the questions..
Those minutes can decide my next step in life and i will try to give my best for those few minutes."

Sunday, November 22, 2009

I want to run away....

Today i went to see my brother who studies at narendrapur.Its the best school in WEst bengal but its residential.Going there make me nostalgic.The memory of those days when i first went there as a 10 year kid flashes in my mind.Life then was so wonderful just laugh and play.With my "rosy cheeks,dimple chin" and sweet smile there were not many whose hearts i couldnt win.Life was so different and nice.
  • The only movie star I care about was then not Srk or any other khan but Tom and jerry ,mickeymouse ,goofy,superman..
  • The football team i used to shout for was not Arsenal or ManU but my section football team...
  • It was not a big deal to have more than one best friend and that best friend also use to change often.
  • Parents use to seem as angels when toys and candies use to pop out from their pockets
  • The bravest thing which one imagine to think about is to walk into a dark room alone and ghosts seemed to be the only enemy of human
  • the most shameful thing to me then was to loose to my friends in badminton match.
  • friend were just not the guys to "hang "out with but those who always used to put out their helping hand whenever i was in a tight corner.
  • exams were nothing more other than hurdles to go to new class
But now life has become so complex.I would be lying if i say growing up have no advantages.I can now watch whatever movie i like.Parents dont censure about what programmes to watch on T.v.
Mother doesnt enquire about whom i am talking on phone.In a word i have got more freedom.But with that have come more responsibilities and worries.One always have to pretend to be "cool" one need to be careful so that huge ego of others are not hurt.Life actually seems to have lost that "free-spirit of childhood"
AND now as i am in the final year of my engineering college the most important thing that is bugging me is thoughts about my career.Failure now just doesnt mean that one is not able to go to next class but failure here means that ones whole life becomes failure.i have got a taste of how bad is that feeling of that failure last wednesday when during the campuss placement of Vedanta.It was the first time i felt the need of a shoulder to cry upon,its the first time such a hollow feeling gripped me its the first time i felt so alone.And now i have more difficult hurdles before me.The entrance xams for MBA and then probably the campussplacement of tcs.I have dreamt about these for a long time but i have seen god almost always crush my dreams.I am feeling very jittery and i dont want to taste failure again....I just want to RUN AWAYand again return to those innocent days of childhood....
"Wish i could be always that way
As a little baby and keep my worries away"

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Azab prem ki gazab kahani.....(my version)

It was raining heavily outside.I went inside a coffee shop to spend some time until the rain ceases.It was almost full as many guys like me have entered there to take shelter from the heavy shower.I ordered sandwich and cappuccino and took out the novel "3 mistakes of my life" by chetan bhagat and started reading.Suddenly i heard a very feminine voice that seemed familiar.

"a cup of cold coffee for me"
I looked and found a very familiar face.It was Geeta a friend of mine who used to study with me at engineering college.Suddenly the memories of those old days began to flash in my memory.
My college days were great.We( I and Udipto) were great friends.We always used to stick together because most of my batch mates were dumb.Our friendship grew more intense during our trip to Lava,Lolegaon(near kalimpong) .On that tour no girls from our department went.We tried to intrude into group of some other girls but didnt get a warm welcome.We tried to have some fun ourselves but nothing is complete for us without girls.
But suddenly one day we had some luck.We oneday went to a local restaurant and found the man at the counter shouting at two girls.We came to know that the girls are saying that they cant pay the bill because someone stole their purse in the shop but the shopkeeper is not believing them.Udipto never misses those chances.He went up promptly and paid the bill for those girls.The girls thanked us and soon we became friends.We came to know that they were the only 2 girls from their dept.So we began to hang out together.They were Geeta and Naina.They were not gorgeous but simple and smart.We had a great time there.We visited the Chagi falls together,We watched the sunset together from Lolegaon,we watched kanchenjunga from Rishap...We even oneday went out boating together in the amusement park in Kalimpong.
At the end of the tour i became pretty close to Naina.The 10 days of tour went in a flash and it was the time to return home.As planned we were returning by darjeeling mail.Just after we boarded the train it started raining.I couldnt sleep and went near the door and was watching the rain.I suddenly felt someone standing beside me.It was naina.
She said "so you r awake!!!"
I replied "i cant sleep at train"
She :I actually feel scary during these thunderstorms.
I: you are as childish as your voice suggests.
She:Hey come on i am the best singer in the college .Dont ridicule about my voice.
After this i kept on insisting her to sing a song and she finally obliged...
And started singing

iye dooriyan
in rahoon ki dooriya
fanah ho sabhi doodriyan...

When she ended i was completely engrossed in it.I asked"are you madly in love with someone?"
She" ya!But dont ask me his name...
After the trip i was lost in her dreams.But we cant meet regularly.She was from different dept.She mostly used to hang out with her own group of friends while i with my group.But still we used to meet twice or thrice in a week.
I had a deep crush on her but never proposed her.I knew she love somebody.Anyway days gradually pass away and few days were left before we pass out from college.Suddenly one day i got a call from Geeta.She said Naina got a message from my facebook account Where i expressed my feelings about her.I was stunned.I frankly denied.
"Come on!!Ari Didnt u propose her?"
I knew i didnt do it and even no one knew my password.I bluntly said"U two r among my best friends of my college.I knew Naina love someone else.How can i be such a pervert?I really like her company as i like to hang out with my other close friends.Thats it!!!"
Well after that day Naina began to behave a little strange with me.Soon however our college days were over.She returned to her home town Cuttock.I didnt meet her or heard from her after that...Well however the mystry always haunted me Who sent the message frm my account???

Hi Ari.. is that you?Well Getta was same as before although i am more fat now.We soon began to talk like old days.during our conversation i suddenly asked"Are you still single?"
She:i am not in a hurry to marry likeNaina.
i:Oh thats great!!!She is married OMG!!!(Although i felt pain in my heart i tried to be normal)
She:ya!this time she was lucky with someone who is better than a stupid friend who JUST LIKE her
I: What do you mean?"
She: you are stupid as before.You mever understand anything.Naina actually used to love you.But you the fool never understood..."
I:But she was upset about that message!She never talked with me as before after that.
She:There was no such message.We just planned to see your reaction and gauge your mind.But you break her heart.


that was enough for me.I couldnt stand it anymore.Tears began to trickle from my eyes.
The song began to resonate in my ears....
iye dooriyan
in rahoon ki dooriyan
fanah ho sabhi dooriyan...

P.S. It is purely fictional.But the place i mentioned lava lolegaon,rishap are truely amazing.By the way the movie "azab pre.....kahini" is also good.U will enjoy it more if u watch it with your partner.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

late night conversations.

boy: hello
girl: hello...Why r u so late calling today???
boy: Was busy.
girl: Oh!I see..So how was ur day??
boy: It went okay.But lacked colour without u.What happened to u???Why didnt u come to tution today?
girl: Nothing.Jst didnt have the urge.
boy:Oh!!Stop this.U don't sound okay.What happened?
girl: Nothing!!!
boy: oh!!come on...U never hide anything from me.
girl:Actually i am a little bit disturbed with something.I will tell u later.
boy:if u don't tell me now i wont call u ever.
girl: pls try to understand.I dont feel like discussing those things now.I will tell u everything
tommorrow when we meet.
boy: i wont meet u
girl: hii! hii!
boy: Stop laughing u silly.
girl: Can u live without me??
boy: yes...Why not??? i have many other friends...
girl: Ooh!!really
boy: okay okay.pls stop now.I have loads of study to do.Cheer up for now.This tone just doesn't suit u "da.."
Girl: okay.bye take care.
boy: sure i will good night.

this was how i once use to converse with one of my best friend night after night whom i lost for some unknown reason.But the memory still lingers.

Friday, October 30, 2009


So i have been tagged thanks to sunakshi and a sweet 15 year old girl.(I dont know her name yet but the rate at which i am reading her blog i hope to discover soon)
anyway here it goes-:
The more [x]’ s the “dumber” you are.
[ ] Gum has fallen out of your mouth when you were talkingng
[ ] You have ran into a glass/screen door
[ ] Gum has fallen out of your mouth when you were NOT talking
[ x] You have jumped out of a moving vehicle
[x ] You have thought of something funny while walking by yourself
[x ] Laughed, then watched people give you weird looks
So far: 3
[ ] You have run into a tree/bush.
[ ] You know that it IS possible to lick your elbow
[ ] You have tried to lick your elbow… a few times
[ x] You never knew that the Alphabet and Twinkle Twinkle Little star have the same rhythm. [x] You just tried to sing them.
So far: 5
[x ] You have tripped on your shoelace and fallen.
[ ] You have choked on your own spit .
[x ] You have seen the Matrix and still don’t get it.
[ ] You’ve never seen the Matrix.
[ ] You type only with two fingers.
So far: 6
[] You have accidentally caught something on fire
[ ] You tried to drink out of a straw, but it went into your nose/eyes.
[x ] You have caught yourself drooling.
[ ] You have fallen asleep in class and fell outta your chair
So far: 7
[x ] Sometimes you just stop thinking
[x] You are telling a story and forget what you were talking about
[ ] People often shake their heads and walk away from you
[ ] You are often told to use your “inside voice”.
[ ] You use your fingers to do simple math
So far: 9
[ ] You have eaten a bug
[x ] You are taking this test when you should be doing something more important
[x ] You have put your clothes on backwards or inside out, and didn’t realize it
[x ] You’ve looked all over for something and realized it was in your hand
[ ] You have ran around naked in your house.So far: 12
[ ] You repost bulletins because you are scared that what they say will happen to you if you don’t.
[] You break a lot of things.
[ ] Your friends know not to use big words around you.
[ ] You tilt your head when you’re confused
[ ] You have fallen out of your chair beforeSo far: 12
[13] When you’re lying in bed, you try to find pictures in the texture of the ceiling or wall
[ ] The word “ummmmm” is used many times a day.
Total 13 out of 37.
13/37 * 100 =35.1 % lol
This shows why i was often called ian idiot in school.I will kike others to share this tag..

Sunday, October 25, 2009

a memorable phone call

girl: hello!

me: hello!I am a.......

girl: Do i know you??

me: No actually u don't know me.I study with u in chemistry tution.I have devoloped a liking for u.It would be great if we become friend.

girl: Listen i dont know who the hell are u.But if u call me once more i will kick the shit out of u.

me: (my mind was blank.I jst managed to say somehow)Okay i thought being friend was not a bad idea.
Before i could say anything she hung up

p.s.-this was how the conversation went when i tried to call up a girl on whom i had crush for the first time in my life.luckily in my tution there was a guy who was my day he had to bear the burnt for my antic.may be my innocent face befooled HER.Anyway later that girl became one of my dearest friend and we used to have a great laugh when we recall this is stranger than fiction!!!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

my freaking mind.....

This post is about some of my confessions which i decide to do...So here it goes few of my dirty secrets....

1)I always wear a smile on my face.Even when i am upset or angry the smile doesn't vanish.Rather even when i am in some awkward situation i giggle sheepishly.
2)I cant turn down any request usually.So i am often left with doing things which i don't like.So beware i may grant ur request due to courtesy but in my mind i may be cursing u...
3)I am not a guy to share my feelings with others.I mostly keep my feelings to myself.
4)Many of my friends think that i am bit casual and generally doesnt get upset.But truth is i am very sensitive.I cant ignore any harshness in the behavior of those close to me.I contemplate over those and often get upset.
5)I have a soft corner in my heart for dove eyed tall girls.
6)Many of my friends think i like movies with violence very much.But the truth is i always prefer a love aaj kal or jane tu ya.... rather than movies like saw or hostel.
7)I may come across who doesnt take tensions.But the fact is 2 words result and xam jst make my mind numb.
8)Choclates and ice cream r the best food to me and chilled beer is the best drink.
9)My opinion about my relationship status keep changing :)
10)This is going to be the last one.I still miss s.....Many months have passed since we parted our ways but still i cant forget her.Jst a few mins ago ru.... called me from spain.She ,s... and a few other went their due to their student xhange i was talking to ru... i could hear the voice of s.. coming frm behind and also sound of her laughter.Really some memory never goes blank...I am having a strange feeling may be the magic of her voice.....

iye dooriyan....
in rahoon ki dooriyan
nigahon ki dooriya
hum rahon ki dooriyan
fannah ho sabhi dooriyan...

This song is jst buzzing in my head now.Anyway its one hour past bye gd nit.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Another day to cherish

Well, i again had a very great day yesterday..thanks to kp and dum.They together decided to give us a birthday treat which was pending for few weeks.We all decided to go to "someplace else".as none of us have ever gone there.As planned we all reached at first kp's home.We all gathered there by 7 xcept bodhi.Anyway as we waited for him we had a great time pulling each others legs :the thing that happens when old frnds meet.Bodhi arrived by 8 and then we set out to someplace else our gang of eight.We were lucky that the centre table was empty and as a result we could sit together.the food was great and it was aptly complemented by funny jokes of dum and sayan.I specially liked the ice cream ...Ice cream and fuchka r the 2 things that can make me happy anytime.After our food someone proposed to have some drink.We all agreed at once .Perhaps we all were tempted by the nice cellar.So we ordered vodka and beezer bt nobody crossed their limit for we all have to return home.After our food we stayed in the lounge for some more time chatting among ourselves.Meeting with all these school frnd make me remember of thos golden 6 years i spent at hostel at narendrapur when we had no worry no fear....We finally departed by 10.Before leaving we all thanked kp and dum for the food and also for getting a chance to spend some nice time together and revive those old memories of our teen age. our temptation

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Alas the pujo jst ended...Its again back to normal .college,studies,xams...But I still cant overcome my pujo hangover.I had 5 great days which i will cherish for long.

PANCHAMI-:I dont usually go out on panchami.but this time my dear friend al... has to return to delhi on saptami.So we decided to go out on panchami.We started visiting some renowned pandals from 4 in the afternoon.ours was a group of 7-i al...,s..lak,kp,ani,ipod,.The road was comparatively empty.And we watched some beautiful pandals like the one at jpark,babubagan etc. Really we had a good time and at the end al.. gave us a treat at mainland china.the food was gorgeous
SASTHI-On this day i went out with my school friends of npur.We met at jadavpur around 11a.m.But due to heavy rain we reamained struck at jodhpur park for 1hour.Then as the rain ceased we went out to see the pujas.Really we had a great time together we old friends.i dont like others pulling my legs but for sayan and ipod it was different.The most memorable time of the day was the long adda we had at maddox sqare.We had a great time ther and the icing on the cake was the gorgeous girls we got to watch there dressed glamorously in their pujo outfits.

SAPTAMI-This day also went according to plan.
I as usual went out with my skul friends and besides this some of my frnd also brought their gfrnd along.We as usual visited some pandals and then had a long adda at deshopriyo park...and here for the first time i rode on a meery-go-round.Oh god! its so scary.

ASTAMI-This day i wanted to spend at home.At the morning i went to our local pandal to offer anjali.In the afternoon visited some pandals with my father and brother and then in the evening we watched the movie "wanted".Really had a good day.

NAVAMI- This was probably the last pujo of my college life.So wanted to do something special.I and some of my friend decided to visit the dandiya at nicco park at night.One of my friend got some passes.So in the afternoon we as usual did some pandal hopping.then went to nicco park.It was my first visit to watch dandiya.The ambience was nice.Beside food was served free for pass holders.So had a nice time.While some of my fiends tried their hand at dancing i preferred to watch from a distance.
DASAMI-This is probably a sad day for almost all bengalis.Alas! time for goodess to return home..I also felt very sad..Dont know what will be my state during next pujo...So prayed to god for my welfare and pleaded her do some miracle to bring me success..

P.S.-believe it or not the creation below is mine did it on of my frnds hand.(learnt it frm my sisters)

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Well writing after almost 2 wks.Actually was i am down with fever so i got some time to carry on with my mindless musings.Well today one thing just struck my mind.Now its septmember.We will resume our college again at the end of october.Then again january will be holiday for after sem.In november we will be busy for our sem in december.Then there r rumours that campuss placements will start from february..And finall curtains will be down on our college life at the mid of may.So probably there will be no time for enjoyments.Really it hurts thinking about the end of college life.
My college life is not so colourful.Never wooed a girl of my college,never got involved in student politics...But still i will miss my collge life.This 4 years taught me a lot.Made me mature.learnt to adapt to different conditions.And above all taught me to make friends.Really in my college life i made some friends whom i will remember through out my life specially sa..n(manager-in the truest meaning can manage any situation), of the sweetest guy i met bt can often get under ur skin), near sa..n in managerial skill bt a bit stubborn), happy go lucky type guy),ni..y(veryyy tempermental when good he is very good...when bad his company u will hate most) and ya pu..y.Really i fell sad when i think after a few months they will probably no longer a part of my life.We may meet occassionally but will never be able to revive this days.
So i wanted to make the last year the happiest ever..I really really enjoyed the month of august and september.We had lots of fun.Want to continue the rest days in same vein.It wud be an icing on the cake if we get jobs through campuss placement.This wish will top the list of the prayers i will make to god this pujo......

p.s--- Tommorrow is mahalaya.So happy mahalaya to all.....

Sunday, August 30, 2009


Well i have not posted for a long time.Actually i was busy....Anyway my blog is mostly about my personal feelings,ideas etc.This post will be as usual.i am jst jotting down some important events.

RESULTS-:Well this was really important.I am always afraid about this6 letter word--"R-E-S-U-L-T".this time it was no different.however again the bullet missed me.I got 7.93.Well its not impressive,rather its poor.But scoring this by putting almost no effort,really its good.i have feared much worser because never before i had such a poor preparation.But again god saved was satisfactory xcept the grade in seminar.i xpected an "O".Anyway this time also all my mess mates scored heavily xcept pu.

MIDWEEK PARTY-:Well this time prince gave a party.Really how much i have changed.1 yr ago this time around i didnt use to touch booze.But now i find it difficult to refuse a drink.Anyway after a few pegs i began to feel tipsy and i dont remember much.Later from the videos captured by one of my frnds i found out that we had a great time.thank u prince for ur generosity.

PUJA SHOPPING-:Well my preparations of pujo has stated.I have started shopping for the pujo.i spent saturday and sunday afternoon for that purpose.I had bought fine salwars for my sisters,a sari for my mom...I also bought an "anarkali" kurta for one of mys best frnd.besides i also brought a shirt for me frm peter england.

OCCASSIONAL NIGHTMARES-:well i am trying my best to forget "da" and move forward in life.I have managed it to some extent.but often some old memory flashes in my mind and i become sad.
"baby i am nothing without you
i know i shouldnt miss u
but i cant let u go"
Well i am not so desperate but the wound takes time to heal....

Anyway cant remember anything more.looking forward to the pujas and feeling jittery abt CAT....

Saturday, August 15, 2009

mindless musings..

Well i am going thorough a lean patch.A sword is always hanging over my neck that is my 6th sem result.I am worried about it.Beside this the cat xam is also drawing near...And above this another feeling is always bugging me.Well losing the grl u fantasise is one of the most bad thing to happen to a a more worse feeling u will have when u see that grl hanging out wid some other guy...Really that feeling cant be described in words..Its one of the worst thing to happen.I am trying my best to be happy..I am always trying to laugh when wid my frnds...and when i am alone i am trying to keep me busy wid a sunken feeling is gripping me.last few weeks i am trying to get rid of this bad feeling bt i cant...I have thought that i have moved on in life bt how wrong i am!!!!!people feel the importance of anything when they lose it..and the same thing happened wid me..
Anyway time is a great healer...So i am hoping for the best and praying to God to make me happy..

Saturday, August 8, 2009


Well all my frnds r now ngaged.And whenever i meet anyone they ask abt my status.And they r baffled when they learn that i am single..They think i am some sort of abnormal...I sympathise wid them bcas these guys have never been where i have been.I am always sober..I need not to get drunk in love and then suddenly realise its all over.I have gone through it and dont want to endure it again.I am a wonderful specimen for "romantically-dead-guy" research.Truely speaking the idea of dating anyone doesnt xcite me anymore.I still often have some silly crush but the bubble bursts soon.I feel romance is something not meant for me.I have enough problems to handle,enough tensions about my life......Ijst dont want to find another maniac to think abt..Imagine what will happen to me then; i will have double trouble!!!!
I jst want to be alone.there so much pressure, so much xpectations,so much tension....
I want to get out of this situation and want to go where there are no routine,no dissapointment,no pretense,no rules......

Friday, July 24, 2009

am i normal????

Wow!! its about 10 past one.I hope everybody is having sweet dreams except nerds like me..Dont get me wrong i am not mugging for any xam or chasing my creative pursuits..jst staying awake..Nerds like me do everything for nothing..I am jst looking outside through my window...and hearing the platter of rain...Well its rainy season the" season for poets"...Through my child hood i read numerous poems on rainy season..Besides to many rainy season the nights r xtra special..Some say it gives them a wonderful errie feeling,some say the r spellbound by the mysterious beauty...some say their mind jst goes flying..Bt at present my mind is jst blank..
Well one can enjoy a rainy day..By seeing the beautiful rainbow some "ahh" and "wow" come out from my mouth also..Besides i also njoy wading through the waterlogged streets of kolkata...Bt a rainy night i dont know i dont find anything special...Even on any normal night u can spend some time by watching the twinkling stars bt clouds on a rainy night even deprive one from that pleasure...I am trying my best to find out some speciality in it bt my imagination refuse to strech.....
To see if there r more guys on the same boat i sent sms to 2 of my frnds..and here goes their replis
#frnd1- ya its gr8...having a nice feeling...feeling to sing a song or write a poem....anyway gd nit ..bye...
#frnd2-hmm feeling really romantic....wont mind to even give a kiss to a monkey like u in such a weather...mmmuaah..
getting the replies my spririt sank further..ooops everyone is having a great time...I AM HAVING MORE DOUBTS......

Sunday, July 19, 2009

a fancy letter

hello "Da.."
hope u r fine.Well,within 2 more days u will be older by another year..Hey dont old u doesnt matter;the image that will reamin in mymemory is that of a 17 year old girl in her red and white school uniform,with a red hair band,and a big bag on her back and always a sweet smile on her lips.Even sixty years down the line it is the image of the bubbbly teenager that will remain etched in my memory..Hey dont worry, dont think i am trying to woo u by this sugar coated words...U know me i never veer from my promises.As we have promised last october we will never cross our paths so i will keep that promise..I will try all the best so that we dont bump against each other.In fact to forget u i have deleted almostall ur photograph except a few which i wish to show one day to my wife when she will try to dig up about my past..However according to u no girl in her right mind will ever like a self obessed guy like me.hope ur judgement be proved wrong one day...Anyway to wipe ur memory i even packed all ur gifts in the "memory box" under my bed..which contain goods that bring back memories of my childhood.But still some memories cant never be wiped out,some images always remain in heart until one go to grave..Uff sry .see i am still so selfish jst talking about my feelings and even forget to wish

"Happy Birthday"
Well i heard some good news about u.heard u are now going out with a new guy ,.....
Well i would be lying if i tell my mind didnt go numb when i heard it..Anyway u dont need to bother about my feelings...Really its cool u finally got a boyfriend. In fact u should have got one earlier for any guy would go weak in their knees seeing u.Well my best wishes for u and ur partner.And "Da.." hows ur studies going on???heard u r preparing for cat..Hope u can get into one of ur dream institue.."Best of luck"..I am not saying for the sake of saying..i really mean it..Even the selfish accidentally(?) wishes well for others so why cant i??all the best "Da...".
Bye...Take care and always keep smiling..Adieu
"The selfish giant"

Thursday, July 16, 2009

my interview....

well i am jst jealous of those guys whose interviews r published in paper....i am not give one...So finally i myself decided to take one interview of it goes.
1)MY FIRST BEST FRIEND-: well it is one guy who used to study wid me at i cant remeber his name...and unfortunately i dont even remember his face also....jst some sweet memory...
2)MY FIRST CRUSH-:well first crush occured rather was on a girl called Queeny..however the last time i saw her was during far as i know she is studying microbiology in bangalore...i dont have any more current information on her...
3)WANT TO GET BETWEEN THE SHEETS WITH-well who other than genelia d souza...I am mad with her...
4)THE LAST TIME I CRIED IN PUBLIC-:well it was during march; train while going to kalyani...thankfully the train was empty..and i hope nobody noticed me...
5)DO I LIKE PETS?-:I like dogs in fact specifically spaniel...
6)THE LAST TIME I CRIED TO SLEEP-:well last time during pujas...on saptami....returning frm msquare....
7)FROM MY PAST RELATION I LEARNT-:make best use of the house when its empty....ha ha actuallythis question is out of my syllabus!!!!!
8)MY GRAVEST SIN-:well it was in 2003..when i abused a blind of whom i was a writer..and i given got away widout any punishment...i am really sry abt it..and i know whatever good deed i do i will never be forgiven...
9)MY BEST DEED-:when i used to distribut clothes wid some of my frnds near 2003...
10)MY 15 MINS OF FAME-:well it was when i got the chance to got the go on stage at the audutorium of iit kharagpur....
..well now time up..bye bye....

Sunday, July 12, 2009

from south pole to frying pan....

Well back after a long time....jst returned frm my tour of delhi...njoyed a lot..I had great fun with my cousins there....How i wish i too could have an elder sister with whom i could continously fight.during my stay there most of my time was spent watching roni and his didi sikhadi fighting...However i sometimes felt awkward for when i too needed to take some side..but really we had a blst together....the land of mashakkali was gr8...Saw some great chicks there...How i wish i could get one of them..Well all this is about the south pole xperiece..the charming one...
Now the frying pan..todat i gave my first ims..and learnt why cat is the toughest xam to crack...My time just flew mind became hands froze....and jst returning home as i am going thorugh the solution paper i am lamenting how many soft mistakes i made...perhaps another one of my dream will fall apart...

Monday, June 29, 2009

jai ho......

people call this song as an inspiration for the underdogs...well this is really a season of underdogs..pakistan winning wcup,roger winning french open.deccan winning ipl...
but not these facts the events that make me think this season is for the underdogs is 2 events which happened close ....
Well the first is one girl(Diya) from my neighbour hood cracked IIT.well that same grl in the previous year got around 10000 rank in wb.jt. u can understand that the result is too pathetic when u learn that a stupid like mee got a rank around that same grl is now going to IIt...

nxt event is about one of my friend(k).i studied wid him from nursey 2 till class 10..and probably in not a single xam he scored more than that guy is now going to do mstat in ISI, another institute abot which i cant even sneak in.
really salutes to them for what they beside their own skill they also njoyed their slice of luck.
so i too pray too god to conjure up some my name too shines in this list of underdogs...

Monday, June 22, 2009

summer of 2009

well its really hot now..dont know when i will get to sing
" barsho re megha megha......"the song from guru.
anyway i have not posted for a lomg time..actually was busy with xams....getting hitten by thunderbolts at xams is nothing new....but the effort from my part was to keep the damage as less as possible....but this time my efforts(?) proved fruitless.really drew a blank and placing all my hopes on god to pull me through....
apart from this nothing spectacular life has come to a standstill..need to make things happen rather than waiting for things to happen by themselves...but dont know the a bit confused..well playing age of mythology is taking most of my time..really strategy game really fascinate me....
i am also waiting for new york to release..forgot the time when i last watched a hindi movie at cinema hall...
so bye folks no more....

Friday, May 15, 2009

crap crap crap

Well i am finally going to sleep after a long encounter with a girl.This is not a new experience for me.i usually enjoy online chatting with girls lying on my bed wid my laptop.Did u misinteprete my previous lines????i intentionally framed it.this is my old habbit to exaggarate my online tyrist with grls to misguide my friends...Well its raining and most of guys r feeling romantic.the lucky ones r whispering on their mobile wid their loved ones and rest like me r doing some silly stuff like me writing a crap and dreaming"mera number kab aye ga??".well however i have some encounter wid grls..and mamy of my frnds too had so...i am here scribbling about some memorable moments one face during tyrist wid grls..which u will understand better if u it goes...

riding a bike-:well only a boy knows about the extraordinary experience of riding a bike wid a grl.actually newtons law of motion acts here.when u apply brakes due to inertia of girls body its front part collides wid ur back and this generates one of the most beautiful experience of ur life.u apply brakes and her breasts collide wid ur back.oh god!! i cant xplain the sensation.but if u have done it evr u better know abt it.

a hug-:its a wonder ful experience.if u have hugged a girl u must have felt 3 types of feelings .

1)the sweet smell of shampoo whichs jst fall on ur nose.

2)the ecstatic perception devoloped by the caressing of her breats.

3)the continous staring and huming of people around u and their comments on it later on.

a kiss-:this is the mother of all electric pulse will pass through ur body.u will loss all attention about ur surroundings.u will be on a cloud 9 and the world seems will take a dya or two to get normal.and hey one common fact generally after this action the grl will smile at u sheepishly...

a slap-:well getting beaten by anybody is not a great feeling.and to get beaten by a grl is more its not a gr8 situation to xperience.i myself never have to endure any such moments and dont know whethe any of my frnd got such bashin frm any cant tell u much.

well no more ..i am going to sleep with my better half..err my laptop. dont have any energy left to put in on my nit.

P.S dont think all this i wrote this frm my xperiences..its not my tale....

Friday, May 8, 2009

######### @@@@@$$$$$$$

when i hear ur voice
i feel like seeing u
when u r away
i feel like memorizing u
when u go
i feel like stopping u
when u smile
i feel like picturising u
when u cry
i feel like pampering u
but nothing is possibe
as i am not with u
u r away
and i am dreaming u......

Saturday, May 2, 2009

going through a lull

well my posts have almost dried up..bcas nothing nice is happening....due to the upcoming sem i a have to go through ridiculous circuits and eqations..i feel as a fish out of water...besides the weather is too team kkr is performing disastrously at ipl....The way the team is losing it hurts...i may not be the same kid who once cried when india lost a match against zimbabwe....but still it gives me a bad feeling...besde even i am not njoying the weekends..i am missing my brother....besides this someone is behaving a strange way wid me.....having a weired feeling....anything may be its the lull before the storm...perhaps more bad thing is waiting for me out lord...
well i forgot to mention i am also trying to do my labwork myself for the first time....really its parents sent me to hostel so that i can be self dependent..but their dream hasnt materialised...for i got a group of frnds who alaways helped me out...but this time my luck ran out....

Sunday, April 26, 2009

old memories flooding my mind.

well today is 26th april...2009....11 years have passed since that fateful first day of narendrapur.....really those memories r still fresh in my mind..the excitement before going...then the way i used to cry alone for the first few days...for my ..home...Well my mind is flooding with those emotions becas my little bro has cleared the admission test....and he will probably start his days there from 29th april ...My mother was initially worried about sending him but finally she relented...So spent my bro giving some little tips by sharing some experience..I think the most important tip is not to forget the frnds of his present skul..I did this mistake..i later tried to search them but never found them.I had 5 gr8 friends sourish,koustav,poulami , ankita,subhra...I didnt take their fone numbers so lost touch wid them...the friendship wid ankita started in a strange way which i will share later...However after so many years i still miss them..and of course kasturi aunty..I had later made many gr8 frnds and shared many happy time wid them...Still the sweet moments..i spent wid my those frnds r still fres in my memory....I REALLY MISS i had adviced my bro to take the nums of his frnd and keep in touch wid them..
beside this i also adviced him on other issues..My heart is also heavy for i will really miss him on the weekends...
bye...have a fine week....

Monday, March 30, 2009

the opening debacle.....

well from childhood i heard many proverbs ...but the one that caught my imagination is....-behind every successful man there is a woman.

but as i studied at narendrapur ramkrishna mission i didnt get much chance to woo my lucky girl.but once i was out from there it was a happy hunting ground for me.the first lady who caught my imagination was s.......(well no need to embarrass others so no name).she used to read at chemisty class wid me.i devised many plans to impress her but couldnt proceed further.hope u guys understand what i mean.finally my frnds egged me to be a little bolder.and the fool i was i took the bait. i oneday phoned the gal and said i want to be ur frnd.for few second there was no sound.then the gal replied-"i dont know who u r but if u try ro call me once more i will slap u......"and she told many sweet little things.the whole word stated spinning before my eyes.i was aprehensive about going to chem class nxt day.but the brave man i was i decided to go.ther i saw a group of gals was standing and shouting.i was afraid and i could hear the "lub-dub" of my heart..i was thinking about turning back and return home.suddenly i noticed a guy among them and it was he who was the cause of those shoutings of those sweet chicks.from his face i could make out he was not having a nice experience...soon everything became clear..that guy was my namesake.he was also aritra.that dream gal of me mistook him as the guy who foned her and so giving him a tough time.i felt sorry for the gut but couldnt sacrifice my moved on.i thanked my stars for once again my innocent looks saved this incident didnt dampen my tyrist wid gals went on.....

Monday, March 23, 2009

racing against time....

well scribbling after a long time...actually the heading tells u the reason....i am having a tough time out to attend my college..which really fuck me up....forthats a great waste of time for a nerd like me...besides i am having a few misunderstandings wid a few guys out dere.....well i dont want to wash the dirty linen in no more on this....besides i have to carry on my prep for 2 xams parallely so not getting much time off.... so no more new da...(i hope u guess it...)..but dont worry dudes i had some wholesome xperience which i have decided to divulge..but for that u have to keep ur fingers crossed for a few more days...

Sunday, March 1, 2009

walking on a rope

well i am writing this after a long time.actually a monster was chasing me.ya u guessed it right it was the results.gosh i finally got rid of it last friday and once again the bullet missed me.i got 8.but this sem brought bad news for one of my friend sudipto.he topped last time but got 7.85 this time and was upset.beside this everything was as usual.we had a party again last friday and i messed it up.and i as usual juggling bks,jokesand (u know what.....) all at a time very well by gods blessing.
oh ! there is a BREAKING NEWS....
we r again attending college and doing classes.last week i attended 5 thats an achievment u must applaud

Sunday, February 8, 2009

a void gripping me.....

well i am always bubbling with energy with a high level of enthu.. and always giggling.but the recent gloomy atmosphere had even striken me.i am suddenly feeling lonely...although i am as usual laughing pulling others legs but dep in my heart i know i am jst acting...a deep sinking feeling is gripping me.why god why me?????i know i am not a good creation of urs but compared to most i am a saint and....bla bla....Pls god do something to raise my spirits.for i am one of those few rare guys who when happy can keep the others around god have mercy please.even u made me suffer so much i have faith in please help me out.....

hey this picture is almost my mirror image...shit!!!pls god take away my worries

Monday, January 26, 2009

a day to remember

it was 25th january 2009.really i had a great day.every year in narendrapur we have xhibitions from 23rd to 26th.well narendrapur is the place where i passed the golden days of my life and during my days there i made some friends whom i will never forget.well i met some of them on 25th.there were some whom i was meeting after 3 years but loo it seemed we r still class mates .it seemed nothing had changed.i reached ther by 2pm and stayed till 8 pm.there is not a single moment when i was not smiling.the xhibition was pretty good.u will understand if u see the pics which i will upload soon.i became a little remembered me of those days when we spent many nights planning about the exhibition.i must make special mention of sayan popu;arly known as kahali.he is the guy whom i first met at narendrapur 11 years ago and it is with him i planned most of my pranks.the 25th was also no different.we both had a great time.we also met many teachers and i was surprised even some recognised the asshole like me.anyway finally as all good thing come to end time came for goodbye as we all had to return home.anyway the memory of the day will remain etched in my memory forever.god knows when i will meet them again!!!!
3 cheers for narendrapur
hip hip hurre!!
3 cheers for npurians
hip hip hurre!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

we had a ball again

ya we haad a party again on 8th jan.this time to celebrate ....(oops i cant remember the reason).however as the economic meltdown has caught upon all of us this time we drank only rum.there were 4 guys me,sudipto,kunal and sayan.we all had a great was kunal who first lost his senses but luckily he went to sleep.then it was the turn of sayan.he totally lost control.actually it was due to, us me and sudipto.we make him drink our drink beside his own pegs.sayan started talkish gibberish.the thing he talked about even made me go blushing.after sometime sudipto went to sleep.then it was me who had to bear with the antics of sayan.however it was an even game bcos few weeks ago it was me who drove away his nuts during one of such party.however in short it was a night to remember.
thank god everyone remembered this warning and no such incident occured

Monday, January 5, 2009

walking down the memory lane

well 5 days have passed of the new year.still the ghost of 2008 have not left i feel like rewinding some momentous moments in our country its unity in diversity .but here its only sports that unite let me rewind some important sport events.

well first lets us remember this gratest moment of our sporting history.
first time in olympics india own a gold medal in indivual event and courtsey to this young man abhinav bindra.we r proud of this man and hope he gifts us many such moments

well we are the champs again
can we forget this man for whom our flag is flying on the top of the chess world.weel this genius had done it befor and he delivered again.this time its Kramnik the russian grandmaster whom he crushed in a 10 game series to defend his world hats off to this man who made us proud again

Beside this we also had many proud moments.we won 2 bronze in olympics .(one each in boxing and wrestling)the teenage prodigy saina nehwal broke inti top 10 of badminton.the indian football team qualified for asia cup 2011.the indian cricket team also had many exploits.but the vb series win in australia at the beginning of the year is its most glorious event.
now its time to remember two great men whom we will never see again doing their usual stuff.

who can forget this god of offside.who can forget his exploits against the murlis and lees.besides he is the man who first taught the cricket team how to fight fire with fire.but every good thing has its our dearest dada have also bade farewell to this beautiful game

this is another great man anil kumble the epitome of fighting spirit.the image of him bowling with his face bandaged will always be etched in our memory.besides he is also our leading wicket taker in test and oneday.but age ultimately caught up with him.but hope he is succesful in future in whatever he does.
now let us also not forget the most controversial event of the year.
ya srresanth getting slapped by bhajji during an ipl match between lions king punjab and mumbai indians.

although later the issue was solved.but hope no such shameful event occur in 2009

so no more guys.its already 11:30 pm.tommorrow me going to a new vector position bye

Saturday, January 3, 2009

usual fooling myself..

well 3 days have passed of this brand new year.there is a 9 in place of 8 but lo no change in myeself.i am still the same person as usual just watching the time tickle away wid out doing anything fruitful.every day before going to sleep i promise myself to be sincere.but ... once the sun rises all my promises vanish.and my day just vanishes away.god knows how will i stay in the race(mind it i dont participate in any but i am always thrown into it probably to secure the last position)

Thursday, January 1, 2009


well guys say that resolutions r meant to be of the same idea.still god knows why i have made some.
1)i have decided to be slim.i dont know how but its a dream.for i am too lazy to hit the gym.and i am a god knows how i will cut my flab.
2)i have decided to be a little serious abt my studies.i know its the most difficult task for me bcas the word STUDY jst repels me.still new year resolutions na...
3)i have decided to stop being a YES-MAN.i nevr try to disagree wid anyone bcos i feel it may hurt the concerned person.but i think now i need to change this atitude.i know it may hurt many but i thnk i SHOULD do dis.
hope trying to keep dis 3 resolutions will drain away all my no more...