Monday, January 12, 2009

we had a ball again

ya we haad a party again on 8th jan.this time to celebrate ....(oops i cant remember the reason).however as the economic meltdown has caught upon all of us this time we drank only rum.there were 4 guys me,sudipto,kunal and sayan.we all had a great was kunal who first lost his senses but luckily he went to sleep.then it was the turn of sayan.he totally lost control.actually it was due to, us me and sudipto.we make him drink our drink beside his own pegs.sayan started talkish gibberish.the thing he talked about even made me go blushing.after sometime sudipto went to sleep.then it was me who had to bear with the antics of sayan.however it was an even game bcos few weeks ago it was me who drove away his nuts during one of such party.however in short it was a night to remember.
thank god everyone remembered this warning and no such incident occured

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