Thursday, January 1, 2009


well guys say that resolutions r meant to be of the same idea.still god knows why i have made some.
1)i have decided to be slim.i dont know how but its a dream.for i am too lazy to hit the gym.and i am a god knows how i will cut my flab.
2)i have decided to be a little serious abt my studies.i know its the most difficult task for me bcas the word STUDY jst repels me.still new year resolutions na...
3)i have decided to stop being a YES-MAN.i nevr try to disagree wid anyone bcos i feel it may hurt the concerned person.but i think now i need to change this atitude.i know it may hurt many but i thnk i SHOULD do dis.
hope trying to keep dis 3 resolutions will drain away all my no more...

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