Monday, January 26, 2009

a day to remember

it was 25th january 2009.really i had a great day.every year in narendrapur we have xhibitions from 23rd to 26th.well narendrapur is the place where i passed the golden days of my life and during my days there i made some friends whom i will never forget.well i met some of them on 25th.there were some whom i was meeting after 3 years but loo it seemed we r still class mates .it seemed nothing had changed.i reached ther by 2pm and stayed till 8 pm.there is not a single moment when i was not smiling.the xhibition was pretty good.u will understand if u see the pics which i will upload soon.i became a little remembered me of those days when we spent many nights planning about the exhibition.i must make special mention of sayan popu;arly known as kahali.he is the guy whom i first met at narendrapur 11 years ago and it is with him i planned most of my pranks.the 25th was also no different.we both had a great time.we also met many teachers and i was surprised even some recognised the asshole like me.anyway finally as all good thing come to end time came for goodbye as we all had to return home.anyway the memory of the day will remain etched in my memory forever.god knows when i will meet them again!!!!
3 cheers for narendrapur
hip hip hurre!!
3 cheers for npurians
hip hip hurre!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

we had a ball again

ya we haad a party again on 8th jan.this time to celebrate ....(oops i cant remember the reason).however as the economic meltdown has caught upon all of us this time we drank only rum.there were 4 guys me,sudipto,kunal and sayan.we all had a great was kunal who first lost his senses but luckily he went to sleep.then it was the turn of sayan.he totally lost control.actually it was due to, us me and sudipto.we make him drink our drink beside his own pegs.sayan started talkish gibberish.the thing he talked about even made me go blushing.after sometime sudipto went to sleep.then it was me who had to bear with the antics of sayan.however it was an even game bcos few weeks ago it was me who drove away his nuts during one of such party.however in short it was a night to remember.
thank god everyone remembered this warning and no such incident occured

Monday, January 5, 2009

walking down the memory lane

well 5 days have passed of the new year.still the ghost of 2008 have not left i feel like rewinding some momentous moments in our country its unity in diversity .but here its only sports that unite let me rewind some important sport events.

well first lets us remember this gratest moment of our sporting history.
first time in olympics india own a gold medal in indivual event and courtsey to this young man abhinav bindra.we r proud of this man and hope he gifts us many such moments

well we are the champs again
can we forget this man for whom our flag is flying on the top of the chess world.weel this genius had done it befor and he delivered again.this time its Kramnik the russian grandmaster whom he crushed in a 10 game series to defend his world hats off to this man who made us proud again

Beside this we also had many proud moments.we won 2 bronze in olympics .(one each in boxing and wrestling)the teenage prodigy saina nehwal broke inti top 10 of badminton.the indian football team qualified for asia cup 2011.the indian cricket team also had many exploits.but the vb series win in australia at the beginning of the year is its most glorious event.
now its time to remember two great men whom we will never see again doing their usual stuff.

who can forget this god of offside.who can forget his exploits against the murlis and lees.besides he is the man who first taught the cricket team how to fight fire with fire.but every good thing has its our dearest dada have also bade farewell to this beautiful game

this is another great man anil kumble the epitome of fighting spirit.the image of him bowling with his face bandaged will always be etched in our memory.besides he is also our leading wicket taker in test and oneday.but age ultimately caught up with him.but hope he is succesful in future in whatever he does.
now let us also not forget the most controversial event of the year.
ya srresanth getting slapped by bhajji during an ipl match between lions king punjab and mumbai indians.

although later the issue was solved.but hope no such shameful event occur in 2009

so no more guys.its already 11:30 pm.tommorrow me going to a new vector position bye

Saturday, January 3, 2009

usual fooling myself..

well 3 days have passed of this brand new year.there is a 9 in place of 8 but lo no change in myeself.i am still the same person as usual just watching the time tickle away wid out doing anything fruitful.every day before going to sleep i promise myself to be sincere.but ... once the sun rises all my promises vanish.and my day just vanishes away.god knows how will i stay in the race(mind it i dont participate in any but i am always thrown into it probably to secure the last position)

Thursday, January 1, 2009


well guys say that resolutions r meant to be of the same idea.still god knows why i have made some.
1)i have decided to be slim.i dont know how but its a dream.for i am too lazy to hit the gym.and i am a god knows how i will cut my flab.
2)i have decided to be a little serious abt my studies.i know its the most difficult task for me bcas the word STUDY jst repels me.still new year resolutions na...
3)i have decided to stop being a YES-MAN.i nevr try to disagree wid anyone bcos i feel it may hurt the concerned person.but i think now i need to change this atitude.i know it may hurt many but i thnk i SHOULD do dis.
hope trying to keep dis 3 resolutions will drain away all my no more...