Friday, December 4, 2009

One of the most important(?) 135 minutes of my life......

"what will happen if i am not able to get the best out of those 135 mins?"Where will i hide if those 135 mins dont yield the output i wish?"
These r the questions clouding my mind for the last few days.
Here i am again in this rat race in search of my destination.When i got into my college which is among the top 5 engineering clg in W.B. i thought may this be the end of my struggle.But soon the bubble bursted.The engineering subjects didnt inspire me and i felt as a fish out of water.
Finally after much mental battle i decided to sit for Cat 2009 :the problem to all my solutions and the solution to all my problems.for the last few months this meant everything to me.My scores in the mocks have been like a roller coaster ride.Sometimes they are poor again in the very next test they reach great heights.So i am greatly tensed and and the news about the goof ups that is happening due to the online test make me more jittery.I am getting a feeling that may be all my dreams will be crushed as usual but still i will try to chase them..
My favourite words..
"The world isnt all sunshine and rainbow.Its a mean and nasty place...............If you know what you are worth go out and get what you r worth.You must be ready to take the hit and not pointing fingers saying you arent where you r becas of him or her or anybody.Cowards do that and that aint you.You are better than that."-ROCKY BALBOA

I finally have the answers to all the questions..
Those minutes can decide my next step in life and i will try to give my best for those few minutes."