Friday, May 15, 2009

crap crap crap

Well i am finally going to sleep after a long encounter with a girl.This is not a new experience for me.i usually enjoy online chatting with girls lying on my bed wid my laptop.Did u misinteprete my previous lines????i intentionally framed it.this is my old habbit to exaggarate my online tyrist with grls to misguide my friends...Well its raining and most of guys r feeling romantic.the lucky ones r whispering on their mobile wid their loved ones and rest like me r doing some silly stuff like me writing a crap and dreaming"mera number kab aye ga??".well however i have some encounter wid grls..and mamy of my frnds too had so...i am here scribbling about some memorable moments one face during tyrist wid grls..which u will understand better if u it goes...

riding a bike-:well only a boy knows about the extraordinary experience of riding a bike wid a grl.actually newtons law of motion acts here.when u apply brakes due to inertia of girls body its front part collides wid ur back and this generates one of the most beautiful experience of ur life.u apply brakes and her breasts collide wid ur back.oh god!! i cant xplain the sensation.but if u have done it evr u better know abt it.

a hug-:its a wonder ful experience.if u have hugged a girl u must have felt 3 types of feelings .

1)the sweet smell of shampoo whichs jst fall on ur nose.

2)the ecstatic perception devoloped by the caressing of her breats.

3)the continous staring and huming of people around u and their comments on it later on.

a kiss-:this is the mother of all electric pulse will pass through ur body.u will loss all attention about ur surroundings.u will be on a cloud 9 and the world seems will take a dya or two to get normal.and hey one common fact generally after this action the grl will smile at u sheepishly...

a slap-:well getting beaten by anybody is not a great feeling.and to get beaten by a grl is more its not a gr8 situation to xperience.i myself never have to endure any such moments and dont know whethe any of my frnd got such bashin frm any cant tell u much.

well no more ..i am going to sleep with my better half..err my laptop. dont have any energy left to put in on my nit.

P.S dont think all this i wrote this frm my xperiences..its not my tale....

Friday, May 8, 2009

######### @@@@@$$$$$$$

when i hear ur voice
i feel like seeing u
when u r away
i feel like memorizing u
when u go
i feel like stopping u
when u smile
i feel like picturising u
when u cry
i feel like pampering u
but nothing is possibe
as i am not with u
u r away
and i am dreaming u......

Saturday, May 2, 2009

going through a lull

well my posts have almost dried up..bcas nothing nice is happening....due to the upcoming sem i a have to go through ridiculous circuits and eqations..i feel as a fish out of water...besides the weather is too team kkr is performing disastrously at ipl....The way the team is losing it hurts...i may not be the same kid who once cried when india lost a match against zimbabwe....but still it gives me a bad feeling...besde even i am not njoying the weekends..i am missing my brother....besides this someone is behaving a strange way wid me.....having a weired feeling....anything may be its the lull before the storm...perhaps more bad thing is waiting for me out lord...
well i forgot to mention i am also trying to do my labwork myself for the first time....really its parents sent me to hostel so that i can be self dependent..but their dream hasnt materialised...for i got a group of frnds who alaways helped me out...but this time my luck ran out....