Sunday, November 22, 2009

I want to run away....

Today i went to see my brother who studies at narendrapur.Its the best school in WEst bengal but its residential.Going there make me nostalgic.The memory of those days when i first went there as a 10 year kid flashes in my mind.Life then was so wonderful just laugh and play.With my "rosy cheeks,dimple chin" and sweet smile there were not many whose hearts i couldnt win.Life was so different and nice.
  • The only movie star I care about was then not Srk or any other khan but Tom and jerry ,mickeymouse ,goofy,superman..
  • The football team i used to shout for was not Arsenal or ManU but my section football team...
  • It was not a big deal to have more than one best friend and that best friend also use to change often.
  • Parents use to seem as angels when toys and candies use to pop out from their pockets
  • The bravest thing which one imagine to think about is to walk into a dark room alone and ghosts seemed to be the only enemy of human
  • the most shameful thing to me then was to loose to my friends in badminton match.
  • friend were just not the guys to "hang "out with but those who always used to put out their helping hand whenever i was in a tight corner.
  • exams were nothing more other than hurdles to go to new class
But now life has become so complex.I would be lying if i say growing up have no advantages.I can now watch whatever movie i like.Parents dont censure about what programmes to watch on T.v.
Mother doesnt enquire about whom i am talking on phone.In a word i have got more freedom.But with that have come more responsibilities and worries.One always have to pretend to be "cool" one need to be careful so that huge ego of others are not hurt.Life actually seems to have lost that "free-spirit of childhood"
AND now as i am in the final year of my engineering college the most important thing that is bugging me is thoughts about my career.Failure now just doesnt mean that one is not able to go to next class but failure here means that ones whole life becomes failure.i have got a taste of how bad is that feeling of that failure last wednesday when during the campuss placement of Vedanta.It was the first time i felt the need of a shoulder to cry upon,its the first time such a hollow feeling gripped me its the first time i felt so alone.And now i have more difficult hurdles before me.The entrance xams for MBA and then probably the campussplacement of tcs.I have dreamt about these for a long time but i have seen god almost always crush my dreams.I am feeling very jittery and i dont want to taste failure again....I just want to RUN AWAYand again return to those innocent days of childhood....
"Wish i could be always that way
As a little baby and keep my worries away"

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Azab prem ki gazab kahani.....(my version)

It was raining heavily outside.I went inside a coffee shop to spend some time until the rain ceases.It was almost full as many guys like me have entered there to take shelter from the heavy shower.I ordered sandwich and cappuccino and took out the novel "3 mistakes of my life" by chetan bhagat and started reading.Suddenly i heard a very feminine voice that seemed familiar.

"a cup of cold coffee for me"
I looked and found a very familiar face.It was Geeta a friend of mine who used to study with me at engineering college.Suddenly the memories of those old days began to flash in my memory.
My college days were great.We( I and Udipto) were great friends.We always used to stick together because most of my batch mates were dumb.Our friendship grew more intense during our trip to Lava,Lolegaon(near kalimpong) .On that tour no girls from our department went.We tried to intrude into group of some other girls but didnt get a warm welcome.We tried to have some fun ourselves but nothing is complete for us without girls.
But suddenly one day we had some luck.We oneday went to a local restaurant and found the man at the counter shouting at two girls.We came to know that the girls are saying that they cant pay the bill because someone stole their purse in the shop but the shopkeeper is not believing them.Udipto never misses those chances.He went up promptly and paid the bill for those girls.The girls thanked us and soon we became friends.We came to know that they were the only 2 girls from their dept.So we began to hang out together.They were Geeta and Naina.They were not gorgeous but simple and smart.We had a great time there.We visited the Chagi falls together,We watched the sunset together from Lolegaon,we watched kanchenjunga from Rishap...We even oneday went out boating together in the amusement park in Kalimpong.
At the end of the tour i became pretty close to Naina.The 10 days of tour went in a flash and it was the time to return home.As planned we were returning by darjeeling mail.Just after we boarded the train it started raining.I couldnt sleep and went near the door and was watching the rain.I suddenly felt someone standing beside me.It was naina.
She said "so you r awake!!!"
I replied "i cant sleep at train"
She :I actually feel scary during these thunderstorms.
I: you are as childish as your voice suggests.
She:Hey come on i am the best singer in the college .Dont ridicule about my voice.
After this i kept on insisting her to sing a song and she finally obliged...
And started singing

iye dooriyan
in rahoon ki dooriya
fanah ho sabhi doodriyan...

When she ended i was completely engrossed in it.I asked"are you madly in love with someone?"
She" ya!But dont ask me his name...
After the trip i was lost in her dreams.But we cant meet regularly.She was from different dept.She mostly used to hang out with her own group of friends while i with my group.But still we used to meet twice or thrice in a week.
I had a deep crush on her but never proposed her.I knew she love somebody.Anyway days gradually pass away and few days were left before we pass out from college.Suddenly one day i got a call from Geeta.She said Naina got a message from my facebook account Where i expressed my feelings about her.I was stunned.I frankly denied.
"Come on!!Ari Didnt u propose her?"
I knew i didnt do it and even no one knew my password.I bluntly said"U two r among my best friends of my college.I knew Naina love someone else.How can i be such a pervert?I really like her company as i like to hang out with my other close friends.Thats it!!!"
Well after that day Naina began to behave a little strange with me.Soon however our college days were over.She returned to her home town Cuttock.I didnt meet her or heard from her after that...Well however the mystry always haunted me Who sent the message frm my account???

Hi Ari.. is that you?Well Getta was same as before although i am more fat now.We soon began to talk like old days.during our conversation i suddenly asked"Are you still single?"
She:i am not in a hurry to marry likeNaina.
i:Oh thats great!!!She is married OMG!!!(Although i felt pain in my heart i tried to be normal)
She:ya!this time she was lucky with someone who is better than a stupid friend who JUST LIKE her
I: What do you mean?"
She: you are stupid as before.You mever understand anything.Naina actually used to love you.But you the fool never understood..."
I:But she was upset about that message!She never talked with me as before after that.
She:There was no such message.We just planned to see your reaction and gauge your mind.But you break her heart.


that was enough for me.I couldnt stand it anymore.Tears began to trickle from my eyes.
The song began to resonate in my ears....
iye dooriyan
in rahoon ki dooriyan
fanah ho sabhi dooriyan...

P.S. It is purely fictional.But the place i mentioned lava lolegaon,rishap are truely amazing.By the way the movie "azab pre.....kahini" is also good.U will enjoy it more if u watch it with your partner.