Sunday, June 19, 2011

Time flows

Phew!! time flows so fast...Almost 1 year has passed since i gave that 8th sem exam.My college life was nice.It was full of enjoyment and excitement with some doses of fights and heart breaks thrown in.Anyway that was a period which will always remain cherished in my heart.I met some amazing persons "on whose shoulders i were always dependent".In fact through out my life by Gods grace I was always shielded by a nice group of friends.So when I passed out of college I was apprehensive about how would be my professional life as for the first time of my life I would be out of my comfort zone.For the first time I would have to fend for myself.
And now somehow I have spent almost 6 months into it.I would be lying if I tell the journey is smooth.There were some nice moments as well some ugly ones.I will always remember the first outing to Deulti "the office picnic" where the hard core professionals who rarely smile in office were giggling like college kids.How could i ever forget the Rabindra jayanti celebration in office??For the first time in my life I was thrown into stage to sing and it will rate among one of the most embarrassing moments.How could I ever forget the wild party at Opium and the way I abused the office security in my drunken state?I also came in touch with some new persons and made new friends.
But beside all this I had some bad phrases too.I had my moments of despair when I felt like running away.But I think it was all worth because all that made me a little mature.I guess we all are made to face realities of life so that we can become mature and be better persons.
Ya i still miss my college life.But one thing is constant in life i.e "change".So one more chapter has started in my life.I hope to make it memorable.