Sunday, June 19, 2011

Time flows

Phew!! time flows so fast...Almost 1 year has passed since i gave that 8th sem exam.My college life was nice.It was full of enjoyment and excitement with some doses of fights and heart breaks thrown in.Anyway that was a period which will always remain cherished in my heart.I met some amazing persons "on whose shoulders i were always dependent".In fact through out my life by Gods grace I was always shielded by a nice group of friends.So when I passed out of college I was apprehensive about how would be my professional life as for the first time of my life I would be out of my comfort zone.For the first time I would have to fend for myself.
And now somehow I have spent almost 6 months into it.I would be lying if I tell the journey is smooth.There were some nice moments as well some ugly ones.I will always remember the first outing to Deulti "the office picnic" where the hard core professionals who rarely smile in office were giggling like college kids.How could i ever forget the Rabindra jayanti celebration in office??For the first time in my life I was thrown into stage to sing and it will rate among one of the most embarrassing moments.How could I ever forget the wild party at Opium and the way I abused the office security in my drunken state?I also came in touch with some new persons and made new friends.
But beside all this I had some bad phrases too.I had my moments of despair when I felt like running away.But I think it was all worth because all that made me a little mature.I guess we all are made to face realities of life so that we can become mature and be better persons.
Ya i still miss my college life.But one thing is constant in life i.e "change".So one more chapter has started in my life.I hope to make it memorable.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Action replay

There are some moments in everyone of our lives which we want to go back and replay.Those are some moments which remain in our memory for a long long time .I recently had one of those moments.

As usual after spending some long boring hours i went outside my building with one of my friend to have a stroll.We were indulged in our mindless gossip standing on the pavement when suddenly an auto stopped in front of us and a lady descended from it.She was tall and fair,wearing a pink top and skinny blue jeans.Her long locks partly masked her face.She was carrying a big handbag with a picture of Audrey Hepburn on it.A silver colour watch adored her left hand and there was a bracelet on her right hand.A pair of bright red convex adored her feet with pictures of mickey mouse on it. Her nose stud and earring was glittering in the sun.There was a time when I used to see such girls ,clinch my fist and use to think "This will be my true love".But now I understand there is an universal rule that such type of girls doesnt notice me.
However this time something strange happened the girl after giving the auto fare started walking towards us.She smiled sweetly at me and asked "Can you please tell me where is the PWC building?"A sweet aroma reached my nose ,her kohl ladden eyes met mine and all the nerves of my brain began to twitch with the flickering of her eyes.I felt numb.I cant move my lips and seem rooted in my place.I felt like I was injected with few doses of marijuana or some other frigging drugs.Luckily my friend came to my rescue and gave her the direction.She said " Thank you" to him threw a bewildered look towards me and started walking towards her destination.I came back to my senses aand remembered i need to smile back.But I was late.The girl didnt once turn back and look at the poor soul whom she turned breathless with her million watt smile a few moments ago.I lost my chance.....

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Well its a long time i scribbled anything.My blog is like my diary.I am having some strange feeling now-a-days and so i decided to scribble them down
Well its been 2months after my course got over.Time is going in a snails pace now- a -days.I am just spending my days watching movies,watching television and doing one thing i like most-reading.I enjoy reading almost anything other than my course books ranging from silly romantic ones to gut wrenching horror ones.I have a habit of often again reading the book which i have read a long time before.And each time i read it again i have a new perspective about the story and have a new feeling.
Recently i again read the book "5 point someone " .I first read this book when i was in my first year of my college.No doubt i enjoyed reading it very much but then it felt to me nothing more than funny silly story about three college students spiced up with some drama and some subplots about love,fights between friends.But now when i read that book after completing my college life it seems more real to me.I could relate to the characters Aloke,Hari,Ryan more vividly.I could feel their emotion after fights between them,the tension about bagging a job through campus placements.I could understand how Aloke felt when he got the job while his best friend Ryan didn't after myself going through the same phrase.And in the end i could also feel their heavy heart after time came to finally end college life and embark on a different journey and my memory of college life seem more precious to me.
Really this 4 yrs have gone in a flash.I had some hard time as i never use to understand what the professors use to teach.I had some hard times due to misunderstanding between friends,due to some rude behavior from seniors,due to those slogging i had to do before exams.Still the sweet memories easily outweigh the bad one.But i use to think when my engineering college life ends I will not feel sad.I always dreaded about my life being stagnate revolving around same group of people.I used to think i will meet new people and easily forget my college mates.
But now i realize how wrong i was.Now-a-days when i seat idly with my mind lost in thoughts very often some memory about those endless chit-chat or our endless drinking escapades flash in my mind and unknowingly a smile appears in my face.I often feel sad thinking that we may never have those days back,thinking about those faces which i used to see everyday but not seen for more than 2 months.

Dard Mein Bhi Yeh Lab Muskura Jaate Hai
Beete Lamhein Hamein Jab Bhi Yaad Aate Ha

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

my birthday celebrations...

Oops..this 12th may i grew older by 1one more year...
But...this year 12th may i had a horrendous experience.I was at Kalyani due to my college.And there in this sweltering hot there was no electricity for 6-8 hrs.It was almost like hell.But the worst happened in the evening when i took my friends out for dinner.We went to one of the most renowned restaurant there and ordered for biriyani.And gosh after making us wait for more then half hour the thing they served us was anything but not biriyani.We then ordered for mixed fried rice.. but here also mihaps occured.The mixed fried rice was pepered with almost rotten prawn..Yak!!!And we also ordered chili chicken but the less i say about it the better.So we wnt for desert to another shop.Thank god it was good...

But luckily however i had a great time when i celebrated my birthday with my school friends on 16th may.We first decided to gather at Bodhi's house one of my dear friend.There i had a surprise.I found they had arranged for a cake for me to cut.After having great fun there we went to hatari for our food.We ordered for fried rice,lemon chicken,garlic lamb..blah.blah..The food was really good.And between having our food we were busy pulling each others legs .For a few hours it seemed the years have rolled back.I felt like a little school kid of six yrs back with no bruised ego to care about,with no pressure on my back...Really i had a great time...However finally time came to part our ways...Anyway the sweet memory of this day will remain entrenched in my memory for long...

Thank u guys for making special!!!

This is one of the sweetest gift i received...

Friday, May 14, 2010

the journey.....

Hi friends,
i have been away for a few mons.I was actually a bit busy and sometimes too lazy to write anything.But now i am here again to share with u some evets of my life in the last few mons...

COLLEGE FEST-Well our college fest was held at the last week of February for 3 days.There was band competition,performances by students and some mindblowing performances by some guest bands.The programmes were amazing but beside this there were some memories that will linger in my mind for many years to come.the way i got crazy by drowning 2 bottles of beer,the way 2 of my frnd peed in front of a college building going high,the way mridul kissed me in his drunken state...;whenever i think of these incidents i begin to smile.It feels sad to think a few more months and for most of my class mates friend will be replaced by office colleague,movie and porn collection will be replaced by slides and project report,youthful exuberance will have to be replaced by professional maturity.However during those hard days it will be these memories that keep one going.

My First success in an interview(tech mahindra)-After screwing up in the interviews of TCS and Atos Origin i finally nailed this one.This brought an immense relief and remove loads of pressure off me and i can breathe easy after a long time.It has been the only silver lining for me this year.

The trip to digha-During the onset of bengali new year i went to digha with my cousins.Really it was fun.But the greatest feeling i had during the trip was one day when i wake up at 5 o clock and went out to walk at the beach.It gave me a wonderful feeling walking on something not too hard with the sands moulding by my foot.the atmosphere was quiet.with some fishing boats far away and as the sun gradually rose it was reaaly a beautiful scenario.I felt all my tensions releasing and i realy felt good and felt life s worth living for a few of these moments.

Well friend these r the 3 events that came to my mind.I also had some other nice memories of the last few mons but they will make this post more longer and u will get too bored.By the way i missed u during these days.however i used to visit some of ur blogs and often i used to read some old comment u made on my posts and they used to bring smile on my face and make me happy.These r the beauty of friends.U can feel their presence even when they r not beside u..

Sunday, March 14, 2010

My attempt to bell the cat!!!!

Well my blog post is after a very long time.I was going through a very tough time.Anyway i am a bit relieved now.Hey dont get befooled by the title.My CAT story is a story abt my another failure.Still i am feeling a bit relieved now for another reason.That will make another post!!!!Now this one is abt THE CAT which took away some precious time from me.
Cat is regarded as the toughest xam to crack as they r the door way to the much VAUNTED IIM.If u get a chance to sneak in there ur minimum monthly salary will be in lacs.Thats a pretty big sum in our country.So as lacs of dreamers i decided to have a go.I joined the ims test series in july 2009.But my actually preparation started long ago.I still remember those days when i and sudipto use to try to solve those tough sums.But finally he decided to postpone his face -off with cat for one year and i became a solitary warrior.Anyway i carried on with my struggle.My first test at ims was a disaster.i got 78%tile.But soon i started to improve.In fact itwas a roller coaster ride.It included some highs as 99%tile as well as lows like 76%tile.But my memory abt those ims test series i not only abt the marks.I also met some gorgeous girls there.In fact i perhaps saw the most beautiful girl there in my life till now.She was tall fare and has dimple like preity zinta and her eyes have something.Anyway i couldnt make a friendship with her as she was always surrounded by her own friends and I still rue abt this fact.{"Mujhse ladkiya pat ti nehi he"}
Anyway whenever any thoughts of giving up cross my mind i use to inspire myself thinking may those cute girls can become my class mates at IIM and these thoughts use to charge me up.(what a pervert i am)
Finally the D-day came and those 135 mins went in a flash. And then wait for results strated.This period is among the worst period of my life.I suffered the ignominy of failing to get a job in TCS.i also suffered same fate in atos origin.However finally the results were out.I got 96.34%tile.It was not enough to enter iim.However i think its pretty good for me.If luck had favoured me a litle cat could be tamed.Anyway i am satified.
So thisis my cat story.I was a failure but hey i am satisfied.Getting happy at a failure -it sounds CRAZY.But thats the way i am.
So bye for now and wi try to bore u with more posts now...

Thursday, January 7, 2010

The sky is falling down!!!!

Ooops i probably had my worst new year this year.Tcs came for campus placement to our college this year on 2nd and 3rd jan.I dreamt about bagging a job in this company for a long time but all my dreams crashed.Although i overcame the first hurdle i.e. clearing the written test the interview totally screwed me.I cant explain my feelings when i found my name was not in the list.My whole world seemed to be blank.I had a void feeling.The shock was so much i couldnt even cry.However my woes didnt end there.Next day the jmet results were out and i missed the iit cut off for 2 marks.I probably never felt so low on confidence in my life.The message in the message board of my room was-"BORN TO BE FAILURE"
probably this few words totally depict my dejected feelings.
Life lost its meaning to me and i was just going through motions.My friends tried to cheer me up but its my sweet friend Alo who finally lit up my mind.She was returning to Delhi for she studies there at AIIMS.Before returning she wanted to meet with me but i was so ashamed of myself that i refused and said i am not worthy to be her friend.But then she said something which i will always remember.--
"I choose you as my friend not because you are good in studies,not because of your funny antics.I like you because i know within this guy with an ever smiling face there is a person who effuses warmth in his every words,whose eyes lit up just by seeing others happy,who can drive away the gloom in anyones mind within a few minutes.I know you have a golden heart and i know success or failure wont change that.Anything else dont matter to me.So just stop being so miserable and be normal again"
These words really touched me and i had decided to try to work more harder to use any opportunity i get.I might have lost the skirmish but i will ty to win the battle.God plss shower your blesing s on me because without luck all my efoorts would be fruitless.
"i want some sunshine
i want some rain
i want a chance
i want to grow up once again"