Friday, May 14, 2010

the journey.....

Hi friends,
i have been away for a few mons.I was actually a bit busy and sometimes too lazy to write anything.But now i am here again to share with u some evets of my life in the last few mons...

COLLEGE FEST-Well our college fest was held at the last week of February for 3 days.There was band competition,performances by students and some mindblowing performances by some guest bands.The programmes were amazing but beside this there were some memories that will linger in my mind for many years to come.the way i got crazy by drowning 2 bottles of beer,the way 2 of my frnd peed in front of a college building going high,the way mridul kissed me in his drunken state...;whenever i think of these incidents i begin to smile.It feels sad to think a few more months and for most of my class mates friend will be replaced by office colleague,movie and porn collection will be replaced by slides and project report,youthful exuberance will have to be replaced by professional maturity.However during those hard days it will be these memories that keep one going.

My First success in an interview(tech mahindra)-After screwing up in the interviews of TCS and Atos Origin i finally nailed this one.This brought an immense relief and remove loads of pressure off me and i can breathe easy after a long time.It has been the only silver lining for me this year.

The trip to digha-During the onset of bengali new year i went to digha with my cousins.Really it was fun.But the greatest feeling i had during the trip was one day when i wake up at 5 o clock and went out to walk at the beach.It gave me a wonderful feeling walking on something not too hard with the sands moulding by my foot.the atmosphere was quiet.with some fishing boats far away and as the sun gradually rose it was reaaly a beautiful scenario.I felt all my tensions releasing and i realy felt good and felt life s worth living for a few of these moments.

Well friend these r the 3 events that came to my mind.I also had some other nice memories of the last few mons but they will make this post more longer and u will get too bored.By the way i missed u during these days.however i used to visit some of ur blogs and often i used to read some old comment u made on my posts and they used to bring smile on my face and make me happy.These r the beauty of friends.U can feel their presence even when they r not beside u..


  1. first of all Congratulations :)

    Natural beauty is always give an immense pleasure and Friends are the best companion of life...Keep Smiling :)

  2. kothay achish tui bol toh???eto din kono khobor neyi kichu neyi ???