Sunday, March 14, 2010

My attempt to bell the cat!!!!

Well my blog post is after a very long time.I was going through a very tough time.Anyway i am a bit relieved now.Hey dont get befooled by the title.My CAT story is a story abt my another failure.Still i am feeling a bit relieved now for another reason.That will make another post!!!!Now this one is abt THE CAT which took away some precious time from me.
Cat is regarded as the toughest xam to crack as they r the door way to the much VAUNTED IIM.If u get a chance to sneak in there ur minimum monthly salary will be in lacs.Thats a pretty big sum in our country.So as lacs of dreamers i decided to have a go.I joined the ims test series in july 2009.But my actually preparation started long ago.I still remember those days when i and sudipto use to try to solve those tough sums.But finally he decided to postpone his face -off with cat for one year and i became a solitary warrior.Anyway i carried on with my struggle.My first test at ims was a disaster.i got 78%tile.But soon i started to improve.In fact itwas a roller coaster ride.It included some highs as 99%tile as well as lows like 76%tile.But my memory abt those ims test series i not only abt the marks.I also met some gorgeous girls there.In fact i perhaps saw the most beautiful girl there in my life till now.She was tall fare and has dimple like preity zinta and her eyes have something.Anyway i couldnt make a friendship with her as she was always surrounded by her own friends and I still rue abt this fact.{"Mujhse ladkiya pat ti nehi he"}
Anyway whenever any thoughts of giving up cross my mind i use to inspire myself thinking may those cute girls can become my class mates at IIM and these thoughts use to charge me up.(what a pervert i am)
Finally the D-day came and those 135 mins went in a flash. And then wait for results strated.This period is among the worst period of my life.I suffered the ignominy of failing to get a job in TCS.i also suffered same fate in atos origin.However finally the results were out.I got 96.34%tile.It was not enough to enter iim.However i think its pretty good for me.If luck had favoured me a litle cat could be tamed.Anyway i am satified.
So thisis my cat story.I was a failure but hey i am satisfied.Getting happy at a failure -it sounds CRAZY.But thats the way i am.
So bye for now and wi try to bore u with more posts now...

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