Thursday, January 7, 2010

The sky is falling down!!!!

Ooops i probably had my worst new year this year.Tcs came for campus placement to our college this year on 2nd and 3rd jan.I dreamt about bagging a job in this company for a long time but all my dreams crashed.Although i overcame the first hurdle i.e. clearing the written test the interview totally screwed me.I cant explain my feelings when i found my name was not in the list.My whole world seemed to be blank.I had a void feeling.The shock was so much i couldnt even cry.However my woes didnt end there.Next day the jmet results were out and i missed the iit cut off for 2 marks.I probably never felt so low on confidence in my life.The message in the message board of my room was-"BORN TO BE FAILURE"
probably this few words totally depict my dejected feelings.
Life lost its meaning to me and i was just going through motions.My friends tried to cheer me up but its my sweet friend Alo who finally lit up my mind.She was returning to Delhi for she studies there at AIIMS.Before returning she wanted to meet with me but i was so ashamed of myself that i refused and said i am not worthy to be her friend.But then she said something which i will always remember.--
"I choose you as my friend not because you are good in studies,not because of your funny antics.I like you because i know within this guy with an ever smiling face there is a person who effuses warmth in his every words,whose eyes lit up just by seeing others happy,who can drive away the gloom in anyones mind within a few minutes.I know you have a golden heart and i know success or failure wont change that.Anything else dont matter to me.So just stop being so miserable and be normal again"
These words really touched me and i had decided to try to work more harder to use any opportunity i get.I might have lost the skirmish but i will ty to win the battle.God plss shower your blesing s on me because without luck all my efoorts would be fruitless.
"i want some sunshine
i want some rain
i want a chance
i want to grow up once again"


  1. everything will be fine! :)
    smile :)
    take care

  2. Best things about friends is that only,they make us walk ahead, no matter what situation we are in.. :)
    All the best for upcoming hurdles,may you knock them off with ease ^_^

  3. don't be sad dear....God always has reason in whatever he does.he must have better job for you and ya she is your real friend. Thanks for dropping by my side :)

  4. I just came here to ask you why your life was hell when I read this post...I'm soooo sorry. You might think what I'm saying is really cliched but TRUST ME. Don't take it as a barrier. Take it as a challenge that you have to overcome. Things will work out in due time inshaAllah. I promise.

  5. There is nothing like poor mind or brilliant mind. Every person has his own set of skills. Thus every person is unique in this world. So don’t worry about your temporary failure. Think about this failure as a stepping stone for your success which is waiting there for you to be embraced. Actually this failure and the kind words of your true friend made you to take resolutions to do even more hard work and grab every opportunity to win the battle. Moreover as your friend said, a person with good heart is more valuable than a person who is just successful in life.
    After reading your last lines, I got very sure that your success is not far from you.
    I’ll be waiting to hear the good news from your battle field.
    Good Luck. :)
    P.S. : Its time to see this message on your message board…
    Sooner or later, those who win are those who think they can...

  6. Glad you like it!
    Check out my new post if you want some comfort :)
    I wish...I could grow up again and play with cars and how I wish I didn't have to appear for my board exams...
    If you get some sunshine, do share it with me! :)