Sunday, April 17, 2011

Action replay

There are some moments in everyone of our lives which we want to go back and replay.Those are some moments which remain in our memory for a long long time .I recently had one of those moments.

As usual after spending some long boring hours i went outside my building with one of my friend to have a stroll.We were indulged in our mindless gossip standing on the pavement when suddenly an auto stopped in front of us and a lady descended from it.She was tall and fair,wearing a pink top and skinny blue jeans.Her long locks partly masked her face.She was carrying a big handbag with a picture of Audrey Hepburn on it.A silver colour watch adored her left hand and there was a bracelet on her right hand.A pair of bright red convex adored her feet with pictures of mickey mouse on it. Her nose stud and earring was glittering in the sun.There was a time when I used to see such girls ,clinch my fist and use to think "This will be my true love".But now I understand there is an universal rule that such type of girls doesnt notice me.
However this time something strange happened the girl after giving the auto fare started walking towards us.She smiled sweetly at me and asked "Can you please tell me where is the PWC building?"A sweet aroma reached my nose ,her kohl ladden eyes met mine and all the nerves of my brain began to twitch with the flickering of her eyes.I felt numb.I cant move my lips and seem rooted in my place.I felt like I was injected with few doses of marijuana or some other frigging drugs.Luckily my friend came to my rescue and gave her the direction.She said " Thank you" to him threw a bewildered look towards me and started walking towards her destination.I came back to my senses aand remembered i need to smile back.But I was late.The girl didnt once turn back and look at the poor soul whom she turned breathless with her million watt smile a few moments ago.I lost my chance.....

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  1. Holy shit! you missed a chance to have a go at her.. nevertheless, don't mind a girl not looking at u. Let alone those over-conceited narcissist.