Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Well its a long time i scribbled anything.My blog is like my diary.I am having some strange feeling now-a-days and so i decided to scribble them down
Well its been 2months after my b.tech course got over.Time is going in a snails pace now- a -days.I am just spending my days watching movies,watching television and doing one thing i like most-reading.I enjoy reading almost anything other than my course books ranging from silly romantic ones to gut wrenching horror ones.I have a habit of often again reading the book which i have read a long time before.And each time i read it again i have a new perspective about the story and have a new feeling.
Recently i again read the book "5 point someone " .I first read this book when i was in my first year of my college.No doubt i enjoyed reading it very much but then it felt to me nothing more than funny silly story about three college students spiced up with some drama and some subplots about love,fights between friends.But now when i read that book after completing my college life it seems more real to me.I could relate to the characters Aloke,Hari,Ryan more vividly.I could feel their emotion after fights between them,the tension about bagging a job through campus placements.I could understand how Aloke felt when he got the job while his best friend Ryan didn't after myself going through the same phrase.And in the end i could also feel their heavy heart after time came to finally end college life and embark on a different journey and my memory of college life seem more precious to me.
Really this 4 yrs have gone in a flash.I had some hard time as i never use to understand what the professors use to teach.I had some hard times due to misunderstanding between friends,due to some rude behavior from seniors,due to those slogging i had to do before exams.Still the sweet memories easily outweigh the bad one.But i use to think when my engineering college life ends I will not feel sad.I always dreaded about my life being stagnate revolving around same group of people.I used to think i will meet new people and easily forget my college mates.
But now i realize how wrong i was.Now-a-days when i seat idly with my mind lost in thoughts very often some memory about those endless chit-chat or our endless drinking escapades flash in my mind and unknowingly a smile appears in my face.I often feel sad thinking that we may never have those days back,thinking about those faces which i used to see everyday but not seen for more than 2 months.

Dard Mein Bhi Yeh Lab Muskura Jaate Hai
Beete Lamhein Hamein Jab Bhi Yaad Aate Ha

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  1. horee baba..eyi chele ta eto din kothai hariechilo?? kpujo te khub enjoy korish oki :) and blog regularly kor na !!