Monday, January 26, 2009

a day to remember

it was 25th january 2009.really i had a great day.every year in narendrapur we have xhibitions from 23rd to 26th.well narendrapur is the place where i passed the golden days of my life and during my days there i made some friends whom i will never forget.well i met some of them on 25th.there were some whom i was meeting after 3 years but loo it seemed we r still class mates .it seemed nothing had changed.i reached ther by 2pm and stayed till 8 pm.there is not a single moment when i was not smiling.the xhibition was pretty good.u will understand if u see the pics which i will upload soon.i became a little remembered me of those days when we spent many nights planning about the exhibition.i must make special mention of sayan popu;arly known as kahali.he is the guy whom i first met at narendrapur 11 years ago and it is with him i planned most of my pranks.the 25th was also no different.we both had a great time.we also met many teachers and i was surprised even some recognised the asshole like me.anyway finally as all good thing come to end time came for goodbye as we all had to return home.anyway the memory of the day will remain etched in my memory forever.god knows when i will meet them again!!!!
3 cheers for narendrapur
hip hip hurre!!
3 cheers for npurians
hip hip hurre!!

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