Sunday, October 25, 2009

a memorable phone call

girl: hello!

me: hello!I am a.......

girl: Do i know you??

me: No actually u don't know me.I study with u in chemistry tution.I have devoloped a liking for u.It would be great if we become friend.

girl: Listen i dont know who the hell are u.But if u call me once more i will kick the shit out of u.

me: (my mind was blank.I jst managed to say somehow)Okay i thought being friend was not a bad idea.
Before i could say anything she hung up

p.s.-this was how the conversation went when i tried to call up a girl on whom i had crush for the first time in my life.luckily in my tution there was a guy who was my day he had to bear the burnt for my antic.may be my innocent face befooled HER.Anyway later that girl became one of my dearest friend and we used to have a great laugh when we recall this is stranger than fiction!!!!