Tuesday, October 13, 2009

my freaking mind.....

This post is about some of my confessions which i decide to do...So here it goes few of my dirty secrets....

1)I always wear a smile on my face.Even when i am upset or angry the smile doesn't vanish.Rather even when i am in some awkward situation i giggle sheepishly.
2)I cant turn down any request usually.So i am often left with doing things which i don't like.So beware i may grant ur request due to courtesy but in my mind i may be cursing u...
3)I am not a guy to share my feelings with others.I mostly keep my feelings to myself.
4)Many of my friends think that i am bit casual and generally doesnt get upset.But truth is i am very sensitive.I cant ignore any harshness in the behavior of those close to me.I contemplate over those and often get upset.
5)I have a soft corner in my heart for dove eyed tall girls.
6)Many of my friends think i like movies with violence very much.But the truth is i always prefer a love aaj kal or jane tu ya.... rather than movies like saw or hostel.
7)I may come across who doesnt take tensions.But the fact is 2 words result and xam jst make my mind numb.
8)Choclates and ice cream r the best food to me and chilled beer is the best drink.
9)My opinion about my relationship status keep changing :)
10)This is going to be the last one.I still miss s.....Many months have passed since we parted our ways but still i cant forget her.Jst a few mins ago ru.... called me from spain.She ,s... and a few other went their due to their student xhange programme.as i was talking to ru... i could hear the voice of s.. coming frm behind and also sound of her laughter.Really some memory never goes blank...I am having a strange feeling may be the magic of her voice.....

iye dooriyan....
in rahoon ki dooriyan
nigahon ki dooriya
hum rahon ki dooriyan
fannah ho sabhi dooriyan...

This song is jst buzzing in my head now.Anyway its one hour past midnight.so bye gd nit.


  1. you know what..Pritam knows how to spread love"Yeh dooriya" is like my daily dose of love...

    anniversaryr bishoi khub taratari likhbo..till then you keep writing so i read some niceee stuff..

    oritro :) i like the perfect bangle touch to your name

  2. i prefer fruit beer and red bull instead of alcoholic ones lolxx :P

    nice post anyway xD

    happy diwali , hf :D

  3. It's always good to pour ur heart out, which u hv done thru this post. That means ur on the road to opening up :) And that means, u r becoming stronger. And some day soon, u will be able to say NO to ppl, once in awhile :)

    TC n all the best!

  4. Hi!!
    Happy Diwali.
    Thanks for your comment. Glad you liked it.
    Do come back :)