Sunday, April 26, 2009

old memories flooding my mind.

well today is 26th april...2009....11 years have passed since that fateful first day of narendrapur.....really those memories r still fresh in my mind..the excitement before going...then the way i used to cry alone for the first few days...for my ..home...Well my mind is flooding with those emotions becas my little bro has cleared the admission test....and he will probably start his days there from 29th april ...My mother was initially worried about sending him but finally she relented...So spent my bro giving some little tips by sharing some experience..I think the most important tip is not to forget the frnds of his present skul..I did this mistake..i later tried to search them but never found them.I had 5 gr8 friends sourish,koustav,poulami , ankita,subhra...I didnt take their fone numbers so lost touch wid them...the friendship wid ankita started in a strange way which i will share later...However after so many years i still miss them..and of course kasturi aunty..I had later made many gr8 frnds and shared many happy time wid them...Still the sweet moments..i spent wid my those frnds r still fres in my memory....I REALLY MISS i had adviced my bro to take the nums of his frnd and keep in touch wid them..
beside this i also adviced him on other issues..My heart is also heavy for i will really miss him on the weekends...
bye...have a fine week....

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