Friday, July 24, 2009

am i normal????

Wow!! its about 10 past one.I hope everybody is having sweet dreams except nerds like me..Dont get me wrong i am not mugging for any xam or chasing my creative pursuits..jst staying awake..Nerds like me do everything for nothing..I am jst looking outside through my window...and hearing the platter of rain...Well its rainy season the" season for poets"...Through my child hood i read numerous poems on rainy season..Besides to many rainy season the nights r xtra special..Some say it gives them a wonderful errie feeling,some say the r spellbound by the mysterious beauty...some say their mind jst goes flying..Bt at present my mind is jst blank..
Well one can enjoy a rainy day..By seeing the beautiful rainbow some "ahh" and "wow" come out from my mouth also..Besides i also njoy wading through the waterlogged streets of kolkata...Bt a rainy night i dont know i dont find anything special...Even on any normal night u can spend some time by watching the twinkling stars bt clouds on a rainy night even deprive one from that pleasure...I am trying my best to find out some speciality in it bt my imagination refuse to strech.....
To see if there r more guys on the same boat i sent sms to 2 of my frnds..and here goes their replis
#frnd1- ya its gr8...having a nice feeling...feeling to sing a song or write a poem....anyway gd nit ..bye...
#frnd2-hmm feeling really romantic....wont mind to even give a kiss to a monkey like u in such a weather...mmmuaah..
getting the replies my spririt sank further..ooops everyone is having a great time...I AM HAVING MORE DOUBTS......


  1. You are completely normal and just like any person who loves to watch the twilight and enjoy the mood.

  2. Oh it's raining there? For some reason Hyderabad has been deprived of rains, save for a few showers. Not that I enjoy rain. It leaves me a little gloomy. But then we need rains to survive.

  3. ty for stopping by my blog!

    whats NORMAL to me may not be NORMAL to another. So I really dun care if Im normal or not in the eyes of others. u shouldnt too :)


  4. btw there's another new game to play...come hv fun :)


  5. Its 5 in the morning here and I was actually asking myself the same quetion:)