Saturday, October 31, 2009

late night conversations.

boy: hello
girl: hello...Why r u so late calling today???
boy: Was busy.
girl: Oh!I see..So how was ur day??
boy: It went okay.But lacked colour without u.What happened to u???Why didnt u come to tution today?
girl: Nothing.Jst didnt have the urge.
boy:Oh!!Stop this.U don't sound okay.What happened?
girl: Nothing!!!
boy: oh!!come on...U never hide anything from me.
girl:Actually i am a little bit disturbed with something.I will tell u later.
boy:if u don't tell me now i wont call u ever.
girl: pls try to understand.I dont feel like discussing those things now.I will tell u everything
tommorrow when we meet.
boy: i wont meet u
girl: hii! hii!
boy: Stop laughing u silly.
girl: Can u live without me??
boy: yes...Why not??? i have many other friends...
girl: Ooh!!really
boy: okay okay.pls stop now.I have loads of study to do.Cheer up for now.This tone just doesn't suit u "da.."
Girl: okay.bye take care.
boy: sure i will good night.

this was how i once use to converse with one of my best friend night after night whom i lost for some unknown reason.But the memory still lingers.


  1. awww:) bishon cute chilo..almost remimded me of my best friend..we had a pact ...if both of us were not married till 27 we would marry eachother :) i ditched him !!! but he is still my best friend

    PS: tattoo ta bishoy Gopal does not know anything..the next story will be abt the reaction from him and my tattoo pic too :)

  2. Even i had a friend. a great guy. We used to talk non-stop till late nights, but now it's all changed. But those memories still make me smile :)