Thursday, October 1, 2009


Alas the pujo jst ended...Its again back to normal .college,studies,xams...But I still cant overcome my pujo hangover.I had 5 great days which i will cherish for long.

PANCHAMI-:I dont usually go out on panchami.but this time my dear friend al... has to return to delhi on saptami.So we decided to go out on panchami.We started visiting some renowned pandals from 4 in the afternoon.ours was a group of 7-i al...,s..lak,kp,ani,ipod,.The road was comparatively empty.And we watched some beautiful pandals like the one at jpark,babubagan etc. Really we had a good time and at the end al.. gave us a treat at mainland china.the food was gorgeous
SASTHI-On this day i went out with my school friends of npur.We met at jadavpur around 11a.m.But due to heavy rain we reamained struck at jodhpur park for 1hour.Then as the rain ceased we went out to see the pujas.Really we had a great time together we old friends.i dont like others pulling my legs but for sayan and ipod it was different.The most memorable time of the day was the long adda we had at maddox sqare.We had a great time ther and the icing on the cake was the gorgeous girls we got to watch there dressed glamorously in their pujo outfits.

SAPTAMI-This day also went according to plan.
I as usual went out with my skul friends and besides this some of my frnd also brought their gfrnd along.We as usual visited some pandals and then had a long adda at deshopriyo park...and here for the first time i rode on a meery-go-round.Oh god! its so scary.

ASTAMI-This day i wanted to spend at home.At the morning i went to our local pandal to offer anjali.In the afternoon visited some pandals with my father and brother and then in the evening we watched the movie "wanted".Really had a good day.

NAVAMI- This was probably the last pujo of my college life.So wanted to do something special.I and some of my friend decided to visit the dandiya at nicco park at night.One of my friend got some passes.So in the afternoon we as usual did some pandal hopping.then went to nicco park.It was my first visit to watch dandiya.The ambience was nice.Beside food was served free for pass holders.So had a nice time.While some of my fiends tried their hand at dancing i preferred to watch from a distance.
DASAMI-This is probably a sad day for almost all bengalis.Alas! time for goodess to return home..I also felt very sad..Dont know what will be my state during next pujo...So prayed to god for my welfare and pleaded her do some miracle to bring me success..

P.S.-believe it or not the creation below is mine did it on of my frnds hand.(learnt it frm my sisters)


  1. Hey thank you so much for your kind comment on my blog!

  2. Hey!!
    Your from Delhi huh ?? Cool !!
    Nice design though I don't like doing it :p
    You guys were having hols for Durga puja ???
    Anyways, hi!
    Just got you from Lydia's blog!

  3. no.. i am frm kolkata....
    and thanks for visiting....

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  5. heyii shubho bijoya..i know m late but does not matter...pujo toh pujoi hoye.and hey i loved the birthday letter post...sounds so true n mature..
    by the way ,oshtomir bhoger bishoy kichu likhle na??n i have added the "follow" widget...i guess you will b the first ...thankuu thankuuu