Friday, October 9, 2009

Another day to cherish

Well, i again had a very great day yesterday..thanks to kp and dum.They together decided to give us a birthday treat which was pending for few weeks.We all decided to go to "someplace else".as none of us have ever gone there.As planned we all reached at first kp's home.We all gathered there by 7 xcept bodhi.Anyway as we waited for him we had a great time pulling each others legs :the thing that happens when old frnds meet.Bodhi arrived by 8 and then we set out to someplace else our gang of eight.We were lucky that the centre table was empty and as a result we could sit together.the food was great and it was aptly complemented by funny jokes of dum and sayan.I specially liked the ice cream ...Ice cream and fuchka r the 2 things that can make me happy anytime.After our food someone proposed to have some drink.We all agreed at once .Perhaps we all were tempted by the nice cellar.So we ordered vodka and beezer bt nobody crossed their limit for we all have to return home.After our food we stayed in the lounge for some more time chatting among ourselves.Meeting with all these school frnd make me remember of thos golden 6 years i spent at hostel at narendrapur when we had no worry no fear....We finally departed by 10.Before leaving we all thanked kp and dum for the food and also for getting a chance to spend some nice time together and revive those old memories of our teen age. our temptation

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  1. nice reading your day-to-day incidences,and stuff.keep penning,i'll keep reading :)