Saturday, August 15, 2009

mindless musings..

Well i am going thorough a lean patch.A sword is always hanging over my neck that is my 6th sem result.I am worried about it.Beside this the cat xam is also drawing near...And above this another feeling is always bugging me.Well losing the grl u fantasise is one of the most bad thing to happen to a a more worse feeling u will have when u see that grl hanging out wid some other guy...Really that feeling cant be described in words..Its one of the worst thing to happen.I am trying my best to be happy..I am always trying to laugh when wid my frnds...and when i am alone i am trying to keep me busy wid a sunken feeling is gripping me.last few weeks i am trying to get rid of this bad feeling bt i cant...I have thought that i have moved on in life bt how wrong i am!!!!!people feel the importance of anything when they lose it..and the same thing happened wid me..
Anyway time is a great healer...So i am hoping for the best and praying to God to make me happy..

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  1. Oh don't worry. Concentrate on results. CAT exam is seriously giving me the jitters too. No girl-tension though. LOL