Sunday, August 30, 2009


Well i have not posted for a long time.Actually i was busy....Anyway my blog is mostly about my personal feelings,ideas etc.This post will be as usual.i am jst jotting down some important events.

RESULTS-:Well this was really important.I am always afraid about this6 letter word--"R-E-S-U-L-T".this time it was no different.however again the bullet missed me.I got 7.93.Well its not impressive,rather its poor.But scoring this by putting almost no effort,really its good.i have feared much worser because never before i had such a poor preparation.But again god saved was satisfactory xcept the grade in seminar.i xpected an "O".Anyway this time also all my mess mates scored heavily xcept pu.

MIDWEEK PARTY-:Well this time prince gave a party.Really how much i have changed.1 yr ago this time around i didnt use to touch booze.But now i find it difficult to refuse a drink.Anyway after a few pegs i began to feel tipsy and i dont remember much.Later from the videos captured by one of my frnds i found out that we had a great time.thank u prince for ur generosity.

PUJA SHOPPING-:Well my preparations of pujo has stated.I have started shopping for the pujo.i spent saturday and sunday afternoon for that purpose.I had bought fine salwars for my sisters,a sari for my mom...I also bought an "anarkali" kurta for one of mys best frnd.besides i also brought a shirt for me frm peter england.

OCCASSIONAL NIGHTMARES-:well i am trying my best to forget "da" and move forward in life.I have managed it to some extent.but often some old memory flashes in my mind and i become sad.
"baby i am nothing without you
i know i shouldnt miss u
but i cant let u go"
Well i am not so desperate but the wound takes time to heal....

Anyway cant remember anything more.looking forward to the pujas and feeling jittery abt CAT....

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