Sunday, July 19, 2009

a fancy letter

hello "Da.."
hope u r fine.Well,within 2 more days u will be older by another year..Hey dont old u doesnt matter;the image that will reamin in mymemory is that of a 17 year old girl in her red and white school uniform,with a red hair band,and a big bag on her back and always a sweet smile on her lips.Even sixty years down the line it is the image of the bubbbly teenager that will remain etched in my memory..Hey dont worry, dont think i am trying to woo u by this sugar coated words...U know me i never veer from my promises.As we have promised last october we will never cross our paths so i will keep that promise..I will try all the best so that we dont bump against each other.In fact to forget u i have deleted almostall ur photograph except a few which i wish to show one day to my wife when she will try to dig up about my past..However according to u no girl in her right mind will ever like a self obessed guy like me.hope ur judgement be proved wrong one day...Anyway to wipe ur memory i even packed all ur gifts in the "memory box" under my bed..which contain goods that bring back memories of my childhood.But still some memories cant never be wiped out,some images always remain in heart until one go to grave..Uff sry .see i am still so selfish jst talking about my feelings and even forget to wish

"Happy Birthday"
Well i heard some good news about u.heard u are now going out with a new guy ,.....
Well i would be lying if i tell my mind didnt go numb when i heard it..Anyway u dont need to bother about my feelings...Really its cool u finally got a boyfriend. In fact u should have got one earlier for any guy would go weak in their knees seeing u.Well my best wishes for u and ur partner.And "Da.." hows ur studies going on???heard u r preparing for cat..Hope u can get into one of ur dream institue.."Best of luck"..I am not saying for the sake of saying..i really mean it..Even the selfish accidentally(?) wishes well for others so why cant i??all the best "Da...".
Bye...Take care and always keep smiling..Adieu
"The selfish giant"


  1. LOL.. Wonderful one. Is it real?? *cough cough*

    I also wish you would activate anonymous comments, cuz I don't fancy logging in whenever I wanna comment! :)

  2. wow !! hw romantic... hv jst no words...only 1 thing...v always beside u buddy...

  3. G'Day,
    Thanks for the visit. I came by for a read. Do you write from the heart or by fiction. Just interested to know. :)

  4. wondering who 'da ' is...

    well written day dreamer!

    seems like you really want this girl to be happy

  5. Hi Aritra ~~ Nice to meet you and I am so glad you got a good laugh from the jokes I posted.

    Best of luck with your blogging. I hope you
    really enjoy it, seeing you are new to it.

    Take care, Regards, Merle.